Dual Reset Strategy Over Under Binary Bot

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An excellent auto-trading binary bot or deriv bot can generate profit consistency for your trading account. You need to choose a game changing bot after testing. Making money from binary options trading is not easy. Still, if you can give time and effort to testing different binary bots, we believe you can eventually find a profitable binary bot for your account.


Today’s binary bot is not the same as other binary bots we shared on this channel. We recommend getting all the binary bots combo deals so that you can get access to all the binary bots we have and you can test as many binary bots as you like. On the other hand, we also shared so many binary bots for free which you can check. You can also check other recently tested binary bots.


This binary bot is created based on the combination with the world-famous last-digit Touch strategy. in If you have little experience with binary or deriv bots, you already know that the riskiest and most profitable touch strategy. It’s a simple rule, the more you can take risks the more chance to make profits.

For this binary bot, you will experience that the touch strategy is implemented to this binary bot. But the winning ratio of this binary or deriv bot is much higher than the other bots. So, this binary bot usually takes less risk and provides a higher return.


Therefore, when you are using this binary bot, your account balance will be secure. There are many bots we can see that our account balance can be wiped out within a few martingale steps. On the contrary, this binary bot martingale step does not wipe out the entire balance in a few moments.

This binary bot takes time to take trades because it can identify the perfect market condition to take any trade. If you see martingale steps started, you can monitor closely as this binary bot take some time to take each trade. Martingale factor is also implemented for this binary bot.

You can start with $50 for this binary bot. Starting trade should be $0.35, and you can decide your stop loss. After you are getting 5% to 10% profits using this bot, you need to stop the binary bot and enjoy the profits. Do not be greedy in bot binary trading.


You know all the binary or deriv bots are in the XML format. This kind of bot only works on the binary or deriv platform.

The profitability of this binary bot is also mentionable. After testing several times, we see this binary bot works great when the market is slow. You can make 5% to 10% profits in each session. How much you can make also depends on how much you can invest.

We always recommend testing any binary trading system or bot to any demo account several times before going to the real account. It is because you can get different results at different market times. You know the market is not the same as always. After testing, you can go to a real account and make good profits. good luck and happy trading.



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