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Deriv bots, also called binary bots, change how binary trading is done. You don’t have to trade on the volatility or forex markets. All you need is a profitable binary or derivative bot that can make you money over time. There are many binary options or derivatives bots, but most of them can wipe out your entire balance. For consistent profits, you need to choose a good binary bot.


We are giving away a new binary or deriv bot here. It’s one of the best trading bots you can try. You don’t have to give anything back. Don’t forget that binary or deriv platform algorithms can change, so always do a test run before trading with binary. You can also check out our other binary or deriv bots.

The world’s best strategy was used to make this deriv bot. So, with binary bot trading, you can make the most money possible. That means that each trade will have the full potential for making money.


The next trade will be doubled whenever this binary option loses a trade. When the next trade wins, this bot makes enough money to compensate for the losses from the previous profits. In the market, this is called “martingale trading steps.”


We always tell people not to stay in the market for too long. Being greedy won’t help you in any way.


To use this binary bot in your real account, you need at least $50. Start with either $1 or $0.35. And if this binary bot loses 4–5 trades in a row, you need to stop the bot and run it again.


All binary bots are made in a format called XML. Only the Dbot or bot.binary bot can use XML trading bots. You have to use the deriv platform because you can’t use the binary bot with other binary brokers.


Using this binary bot, you can make some good money. But if you want to use this binary bot consistently, you must follow the trade and session management. Stop using this binary bot once you have made 5%–10% of your account balance. So, you can save your money and trade when you’re ready.


Also, the most important rule is to test. It would be best to try this binary or deriv bot at least twice before going to the deriv real account. Trading on a demo account will give you more confidence and help you figure out how to set up the binary bot. Do not forget this step.


Getting Started:


Step 1 Extract File

Step 2: Visit or deriv. app/bot

Step 3: Upload the.xml file you downloaded.

Step 4: run the bot.

Step 5: Earn money.


Setting suggestions:

The ideal balance is $50.

The first amount is $0.35

$50 Stop Loss: $50

Profit: $1 to $2 (you can make more, but even 5% is a good amount)


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