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Binary bot or deriv bot is one of the easiest ways to get into the trading business as a newcomer. You can use a binary bot or deriv bot on your phone, apps even on your PC. Making money from binary options is not the same hard as before. You just need to upload any auto-training binary bot and run the bot. The robot will automatically make you profits.


For consistent profits, you need to use any proven and profit-tested binary which can bring you consistent profits over time. There are so many binary bots you find here and out there. You need to test as many binary bots as you can. You should remember that there are no shortcuts, and you need time and effort to become profitable.


This binary bot is suitable for short-term trading. So you should not run this binary bot for a long time. We recommend targeting 5% to 10% target profits for each run. After you achieve your target profits, take some time and go for another session. Remember that the less you are in the market, the better for your account.


Always follow money management. Do not run this binary bot for revenge trading mentality. When you run this binary bot, you will see that martingale trading steps are also implemented in this binary bot. You should not go more than 4 to 5 martingale steps with this binary bot.


We recommend starting with $50 for this binary bot. Stop loss can be $20 to $30. If you can make your stop loss as low as possible. $15 can be the lowest stop loss possible for this binary bot.


This binary bot was also created in XML format. You know you can only use this kind of bot for binary platforms or deriv platforms. It’s a regulated broker who does not miss withdrawal after testing for more than four years.


You can make decent profits with this binary bot. We have run this binary bot several times, and each time we make 10% of our account balance in a real account.


But we recommend testing this binary bot on your demo account before going to the real account. After testing, you can understand whether this binary bot is good for you.

Good luck, guys. Happy trading…


Getting Started:

Step 1 Extract File

Step 2: Visit or deriv. app/bot

Step 3: Upload the.xml file you downloaded.

Step 4: run the bot.

Step 5: Earn money.



Setting suggestions:

The ideal balance is $50.

The first amount is $0.35

$50 Stop Loss: $50

Profit: $1 to $2 (you can make more, but even 5% is a good amount)



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