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Deriv trading robots are the most lucrative way of many profits from the trading journey. The best thing is that you do not need to trade manually after analyzing the market. Instead, the deriv robot can use the market price and take trade automatically. However, the proper coding strategy should be implemented for the deriv bot to work correctly in the market.

When you are searching online, you will see so many deriv bots. The most common deriv bots are digit bots. However, you will get the high winning rate of the digit bot; your risk will be much higher than the average deriv bot. So you need to test many deriv bots to decide which deriv bot you want in your account. You can also check out other deriv bots.

This binary deriv bot is created based on the higher-lower trading strategy. Although this deriv bot works all the deriv assets in the deriv platform, It works best on the bull market index.

When running this deriv bot to your account, you will see that this bot usually takes 10 tick trades. And it increases the probability of winning the trade. So you can make profits quickly and fast using this deriv.

Before taking any trades, this deriv bot analyzes the market trends with 25 simple moving averages. if it is a downtrend, bot waiting. but it is an up trend, taking quick trades on the direction of the market trend. It is the main reason they become hugely profitable using this deriv bot.

also No martingale trade steps are implemented in this deriv bot.


If you have $50 in your balance, you can start using this deriv bot and start profiting. Your starting stake should be 0.5. and you can put whatever stop loss you want to stop the robot.

As with other deriv bots, this deriv bot is also created in XML format. We all know that we can only use this bot on the deriv platform

We recommend running this deriv for at most 5-10 minutes in your account. The less the running your robot better it will be. Remember, the deriv platform makes profits when we are losing money.

Please test this deriv bot multiple times in your account before going to a real account. Money will not be an issue if you can get a good robot. So test and test before you spend money and use any deriv bot. And follow money management to avoid any adverse circumstances in your life.


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